Live streaming June 10–15, 2018.

Public irl viewing event at High Concept Labs Wednesday, June 13, 2018. Check Facebook for details.

Work Week is a continuous, week-long ritual conducted without clocks or alarms in which members of Mocrep strip the work week of the time-units at the heart of its value. Instead, performers measure time through a process of witnessing the total inventory of their environment. The group accounts for every thread in a couch cushion, every grain of soil in a patch of sod, every dusty component in a boombox. By exhaustively taking stock in this way, members of Mocrep measure the passage of time through the substance of these everyday objects. Simultaneously, the approach exposes the realities of these materials—the matter, histories, labors, and meanings of them which capitalism has violently repressed. Ultimately, the work proposes an alternative to conventional exchange in which time and attention are traded for understanding, enrichment, intimacy, and care.

Work Week begins promptly on Monday morning, June 11, and ends at 5:00 pm on Friday, June 15. Live streaming begins on Sunday, June 10, as performers spend a day preparing for the week’s work.

Performers are: Deidre Huckabay, Lia Kohl, Nick Meryhew, Andrew Tham, and Ryan Zerna.

Work Week is generously supported through a weeklong summer residency at High Concept Labs. Mocrep thanks Comfort Station Logan Square for providing the opportunity to produce a work-in-progress performance during the May 2018 Force and Motion performance festival.

Thanks to the many individuals who donated materials to the project, including Bill Frisch, Simone Martin-Newberry, Toby Huttner, Laruel Garber, Emily Beisel, Jen Hill, Michael Lewanski, and Chicago Artists Coalition.

Very special thanks to Billie Howard of High Concept Labs.