7:00 pm19:00

Mocrep + Neele Hülcker

  • Mana Contemporary

Mocrep and Berlin-based composer/performer Neele Hülcker collaborate on an evening of movement and ASMR.

6:00 pm18:00

Mocrep at The Art Institute of Chicago

In conjunction with a new exhibit on technology and innovation in the early 20th century, mocrep will react to the works and concepts of the exhibition through performances and collaborations with Jennifer Walshe, Lee Blalock, and Lia Kohl.

7:00 pm19:00

Mocrep presents: Plank Rodeo

  • Arts Club of Chicago

Program: Plank Rodeo, by Jenna Lyle + Mocrep

Performed by: Christopher Wood, Alexander Ellsworth, Isaac Stevenson, Zach Good

Jan 1

Mocrep and Sarah Squirm: New Year's Dance

  • Cafe Mustache

oh hey, uh
wanna go to the dance?

Mocrep is teaming up with Chicago-based comic Sarah Squirm and some other funny friends--Erin Grotheer, Nicky Martin and Toler Wolfe--to bring you a dance to end 2016, and start 2017 off right!

No cover, donations accepted
Definitely wear your New Years finest (sarah will be dressed as a baby)
Come ready to dance + laugh!

7:30 pm19:30

Parlour Tapes + presents: The Toast Show w/Sexy Breakfast Entertainment

  • Comfort Station

Doors open at 7pm, show starts promptly at 7:30pm

Tickets: No cover (donations encouraged and appreciated!)

Join us for an evening of live performances and video adventures with Jenna Lyle & Eric Fernandez, Mocrep, Taylor Swifter, Jessie Marino, Andrew Tham and the BIG TEEN #notthepornthing, and of course an ongoing Toast Bar with ll the fixins. Bring your own topping to share with your friends and get comfy!

4:00 pm16:00

Carte Blanche: Showcase Concert

A showcase of Mocrep's performance and curatorial practice, as part of our participation in the Darmstadt Summer Course for New Music, featuring works by Jennifer Walshe, James Saunders, Zach Moore and a world premiere by Neele Huelcker.

Orangerie, free admission

Aug 15

Mocrep at Darmstadt

  • 120 Ludwigshöhstraße Darmstadt, HE, 64285 Germany

Mocrep is one of three young ensembles (and the only American ensemble) to be invited to the world renowned International Summer Course for New Music as part of their Young Ensembles Program. during the course, Mocrep will present a showcase concert of their performative and curatorial practice, as well as teaming up with Steven Kazuo Takasugi on a collaborative workshop titled Just Beyond our Instruments is the World.


9:30 pm21:30

Rekord: a Radio Opera by Ludwig Abraham and Mocrep

  • Säulenhalle

Tickets: email tickets@corporateartstillsucks.com

In April 2016 the Munich-based composer Ludwig Abraham and the American performance ensemble Mocrep created and performed a Radio opera titled "Record" in Chicago , with support from the Goethe Institut and Lumpen Radio. Now they are bringing the project to Munich, in the Säulenhalle, with live broadcasting from Radiosender M94.5.


7:00 pm19:00

Mocrep//On Structure//Radical 2//Parlour Tapes+

  • No Nation

Mocrep is teaming up with two New York-based duos, On Structure (Natacha Diels and Jessie Marino) and Radical 2 (Levy Lorenzo and Dennis Sullivan) to present a show of new works at No Nation Art Gallery and Tangential Un-space. Games/diversions/dances by Parlour Tapes+

Mocrep: new work by Bethany Younge//Zach Moore//Christopher Wood//Owen Davis

Radical 2: duo for mixed percussion, speaking, tape playback, and strobe lights//duo for hacked joysticks and 2 laptops//Simulcast by Rick Burkhardt.

On Structure: new work by Jessie Marino and Natacha Diels


Radical 2 (Levy Lorenzo // Dennis Sullivan) is a performance duo based in Brooklyn, NY. Grounded in the tradition of contemporary classical percussion, Radical 2 extends this performance practice by exploring compositions that use theatrical vocal techniques and prototype electronics. By integrating the human voice via extended techniques and oddly contextualized speech, Radical 2 is actively blurring the lines between their vocal chords and percussion instruments. While also making use of physical theater, their performances range from whimsical and witty, to somber and nebulous, to farcical and just plain absurd. With electronics, Radical 2 uses newly designed instruments that allow the use of live electronics into their performances which provide strong engagement between the audience and the electronic sound worlds. Radical 2 extends the role of classical percussionists into actors and electronic musicians, yet still relying on the percussionist’s sense of extended techniques and new music performance practice.

ON STRUCTURE is Natacha Diels and Jessie Marino making sounds, sights, movements, objects, and tasty bits of ephemera, together.



1:00 pm13:00

Mocrep presents: HOLOLITH

  • Intuit: the Center for Intuitive and Outsider Art

HOLOLITH is a 3-hour-long work of speculative music that engages—through sound, image, and ritual—outsized forces that shape and are shaped by humans. HOLOLITH asks audience members to get cozy, move around and think about HOLOLITH as sculpture, just let it wash over them. HOLOLITH asks performers to perform speculative music with tools such as: landscaping stones, rebar, contact speakers, PVC instruments, found objects, bass drums. HOLOLITH finds source material in weather data, medieval manners manuals, Western Avenue car dealer info, children's jokes, and ancient-to-contemporary healing recipes. HOLOLITH is an unbroken stone circle. But HOLOLITH is also a hologram. HOLOLITH can even be a megalith, but a megalith printed on paper. packaged with bubblegum. HOLOLITH will be a real good time.

HOLOLITH was created by Sam Scranton and Molly Roth for Mocrep.

8:00 pm20:00

Record: a radio opera by Ludwig Abraham and Mocrep

Co-prosesperity Sphere: 3219 S. Morgan Street

Broadcast by Lumpen Radio

The mostly overlooked style of radio opera, in German "Funkoper", combines a live performance and a simultaneous production of a radio broadcast. In a collaboration between German composer Ludwig Abraham and the American ensemble Mocrep, the different potentials and possible modes of perception of the used media will be put to a test. Four musicians on stage are joined by a narrator or disc jockey that can be heard in the broadcast only.

This production is sponsored by the Goethe-Institut Chicago

6:00 pm18:00

Mocrep at DPAM


crumple by Jenna Lyle

Her Disappearance by Bethany Younge and Kayleigh Butcher

Magicicada Brood XIII: All Aboard For Fun Time by Sam Scranton

Presented in collaboration with the DePaul Art Museum.


8:30 pm20:30

Mocrep presents: Unerhört

Constellation, 3111 N Western Ave., Chicago 

Selection from Amproprification Series by Maximilian Marcoll (U.S. Premiere) 
Compound No.4: Friction Machine Alarm Signal Construction by Maximilian Marcoll (U.S. Premiere) 
Der Tod des klassischen Instruments (The Death of the Classical Instrument), by Mathias Monrad Møller (World Premiere)

Presented with support from the Goethe Institut Chicago


8:30 pm20:30

Mocrep at Frequency Festival

Mocrep at Constellation Chicago's Frequency Festival:

This program, in its explorations of movement, bodies, sampling, and performance relationships, critiques and reflects on social and political structures and their musical implications. David Alan Broome’s critiques of capitalism in “Drink,” Brigitta Muntendorf’s critiques of hierarchies in “Yes, Master,” and Jennifer Walshe’s critiques of classical instrumental performance in “Wash Me Whiter Than Snow” will all contribute to a politically potent and musically engaging performance.

David Alan Broome: Drink (2014) for solo midi keyboard

Brigitta Muntendorf: Yes, Master (2011)

Jennifer Walshe: Wash Me Whiter than Snow (2013) for violin, cello and DVD

This program will be shared with a.pe.ri.od.ic.

Get tickets: http://ticketf.ly/1m84vHZ
Get the FREQUENCY FESTIVAL PASS and get into all (4) ticketed shows at Constellation for only $40! http://ticketf.ly/1ZqtAzN!


8:00 pm20:00

Mocrep Presents: Jennifer Walshe

Mocrep presents a series of works by Irish composer Jennifer Walshe at Mana Contemporary Chicago.

Wash Me Whiter than Snow (2013) for violin, cello and DVD

XXX_LIVE_NUDE_GIRLS!!! (2003) for two female vocalists, clarinet, trombone, accordion, cello, two puppeteers, two camera operators, and CD



4:00 pm16:00


The Hideout
1354 West Wabansia
Chicago, IL 60642

Natacha Diels (b.1981): Second Nightmare for Kiku (2013) for violin and two assistants

Marina Rosenfeld (b.1968): WHITE LINES (2003-ongoing) for ensemble and projected score

Andrew Greenwald (b.1980): 33 Words (2013) for soprano saxophone

Dai Fujikura (b.1977): SAKANA (2007) for tenor saxophone

Alex Mincek (b.1975): Ali (2010) for alto saxophone

7:30 pm19:30

Mocrep at FLAK series

Mocrep performers Zach Moore and Alex Ellsworth perform Tragedy: Love Duet by Carolyn Chen as part of FLAK at Intuit: the Center for Intuitive and Outsider Art.

Nov 8

Mocrep with NON:op

  • Bridgeport Art Center

scenes from Thunder, Perfect Mind by Christopher Preissing (2015)

Friday 11/08 8PM
Saturday 11/09 8PM
Sunday 11/10 8PM

8:30 pm20:30

@ Constellation w/ Tigue

  • 3111 N Western Ave Chicago, IL, 60618 United States

Jessie Marino - Rot Blau [2010] , Endless Shrimp [2015]
Carolyn Chen - Pears [2007] , Tradgedy: Love Duet [2009]

w/ Tigue

7:30 pm19:30

@ The Musical Offering

  • 743 Custer Ave Evanston, IL, 60202 United States


Bethany Younge - Her I Is She This (2015) (WP)
Natacha Diels - Second Nightmare for KIKU (2013)
Jenna Lyle - Stitch (2013, 2015) (Version Premiere)

8:00 pm20:00

@ David

  • 2635 N Emmett St Chicago, IL, 60647 United States

Ludwig Abraham - dance of the youth in black lace (2012, 2015) (US, Version Premiere)
Ludwig Abraham - the world is such a wonderful place
improvisation by Carol Genetti, Eli Namay, Nick Meryhew and Zach Good

8:00 pm20:00

@ Constellation

  • 3111 N Western Ave Chicago, IL, 60618 United States

Martin Schüttler - Dieter Sanchez (2012)
Martin Schüttler - Gier (2008)
Jennifer Walshe - HYGIENE (2010)
Mathias Spahlinger - ephémère (1977)