sam scranton + mocrep


the health (2019)

Starting in 2019 Mocrep will begin working on a brand new work with Sam, THE HEALTH. Stay tuned.

hololith (2016)

HOLOLITH is a durational work of speculative music that engages—through sound, image, and ritual—outsized forces that shape and are shaped by humans. HOLOLITH asks audience members to get cozy, move around and think about HOLOLITH as sculpture, just let it wash over them. HOLOLITH asks performers to perform speculative music with tools such as: landscaping stones, rebar, contact speakers, PVC instruments, found objects, bass drums. HOLOLITH finds source material in weather data, medieval manners manuals, Western Avenue car dealer info, children's jokes, and ancient-to-contemporary healing recipes. HOLOLITH is an unbroken stone circle. But HOLOLITH is also a hologram. HOLOLITH can even be a megalith, but a megalith printed on paper. packaged with bubblegum. HOLOLITH is a real good time.