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We often put out calls for collaborators, curated performances or small festivals! You’ll find current open calls below.

not-not movement


 Not Not Movement (NNM) is a performance and an open call for movement-centric collaboration with Chicago-based multidisciplinary performance collective Mocrep! Mocrep’s practice is a fluidity and flexibility of practices—equal parts music, performance art, movement, video, and theater—rooted in an aesthetics of non-hierarchical collaboration. Our goal is to subvert the rigid structures that circumscribe relations between artists, and to create a practice that reflects the complexity of contemporary culture, relationships, and bodies.

For NNM, we are seeking local (Chicago) MOVEMENT-FOCUSED ARTISTS to create a substantial, large group collaborative work for performance in Spring 2020. We aim for NNM to promote mutual experimentation, discovery, and insight through a process of shared co-creation in the rehearsal room. Mocrep is a group of 11 super-willing and diversely practiced performance artists; movement is integral to our practice, but we are not “trained” as dancers/movement artists. We are seeking artists who wish to lead a large group in the process of collaboratively imagining a concept or structure, or who wish to conceive and co-author a brand new work for and with a large group. The collaboration should be focused to some degree on movement practices, but also openly include the variety and fluidity of the interests/practices of all bodies present. The process will unfold through a series of initial meetings/workshops in winter 2020, followed by a 2-week rehearsal period leading up to a performance in the spring.

Mocrep will select one collaborator to co-create a significant new work. Two supporting collaborators will be invited to lead and be lead by Mocrep in one, 4-hour workshop, and to present new works at the culminating NNM

Application Deadline:



Winter/Spring 2020 (~30 hours), at Mocrep’s Humboldt Park studio, Not Not


Spring 2020, Location TBD


One (1) Full-Collaborator, $600: Full collaboration as detailed above

Two (2) Supporting Collaborators, $300

Application Instructions:

(please email to with subject ‘Not Not Movement Proposal’)

  • Short Bio

  • Work Samples: links to website, private links, non-expiring download links all ok!

  • Short Description of Proposed Work: This can be a specific concept, and/or how/why you would want to work with us!

  • What do you imagine the collaboration looking like?