marcela lucatelli + mocrep

Mocrep’s collaboration with composer and performance artist Marcela Lucatelli began at the Darmstadt Summer Courses for New Music, when Lucatelli was selected as a participant in Mocrep’s workshop Just Beyond Our Instruments is the World. Lucatelli’s work is sensuous, original, and politically charged, springing from a deep exploration of the body and an openness to the endless possibilities contained in the human imagination. To date, Mocrep has created three works collaboratively with Lucatelli: This is a piece no a WHOL (2016, Darmstadt), #off-human (2017, Chicago), and #off-off-human (2017, Copenhagen)


#off-off Human (2017)

For Nick Meryhew, Ryan Zerna, Amanda Bailey, Zachary Good, Owen Davis, Lia Kohl, Zach Moore, Taylor Stevenson, bathrobes, a rum ball

A continuation of their previous work #off-human, #off-off-human strips away all objects in an attempt to explore the semiotics of the body and it’s relationships, unhindered. #off-off-human suggests a new world, a previous world, or an alternate world to our own.

#off-off-human was conceived and premiered at Hotel Pro Forma in Copenhagen, Denmark.

#off-human (2017)

For Bethany Younge, Lia Kohl, Nick Meryhew, Ryan Zerna, Zach Moore, Marcela Lucatelli, video, cello, fake fruit, sex toys, tiny rubber hands, bigger rubber hands

A glorification of chaos as order, #Off-Human explores the post-human through intimate, erotic, and alien meanings of touch. Collaboratively created during Mocrep’s residency at Mana Contemporary Chicago, the piece was performed live January 26th, 2017 at No Nation Art Gallery and Tangential Unspace Lab in Chicago.

#off-human makes no explicit rejection of [this] reality but still lands far outside of its realm, presupposing nonsense and bullshit as order. Marcela Lucatelli and Mocrep are at the frontline of this destabilization by asserting their validity as humans, particularly if it may be slightly off-color. It’s here, in a concurrent performance of resistance, that #off-human leaves its mark. The ethics at play are of sensuality and divinity, but there is no god — only respect and accountability. This is what’s at stake within the temporal and spatial bounds of #off-human: vulnerability in the hands of a mob, prostration at the foot of the observer. The present indulgence is in celebration of sociality — this is the case for the participants as well as the audience.”
— Jen Hill, Cacophony Magazine