just beyond our instruments is the world (2016) 

From In Which We Went Looking for One Thing and Found Another, by Andy Ingamells with Lia Kohl and Owen Davis

In 2016 Mocrep was one of three young ensembles invited to participate in the Darmstadt Summer Courses for New Music, a biannual festival and center of New Music development since 1946. As part of their participation in the festival, Mocrep co-created a co-led a workshop with composer Steven Kazuo Takasugi titled Just Beyond Our Instruments is the World. The workshop explored the possibilities of new music without traditional classical instruments, the instrument-performer relationship, and collaboration between performers and composers. Mocrep selected eight participants, who each brought ideas or partly finished pieces which were realized collaboratively over the course of the two week workshop. They were premiered at the Orangerie in Darmstadt in August 2016.

Selected participants were: Jenna Lyle, Andy Ingamells, Marcela Lucatelli, Megan Grace Beugger, Maayan Tsadka, Shawn Lucas, Sivan Cohen-Elias, Oliver Espace.