This workshop, co-developed by composer Steven Kazuo Takasugi and Mocrep, consisted of collaborative and performative explorations of the social, political, and aesthetic implications of instrumental musical performance, with an explicit emphasis on musical possibilities beyond the classical instrument. Focus was placed on utilizing found objects, makeshift instruments, “broken” instruments, and even the complete omission of instruments (as in a movement-based, visual, or theatrical practice) to create radical musical performance situations.


Furthermore, we explored the potential for political and social subversion through these approaches to instrumental, or perhaps, post-instrumental, performance and composition.

We were specifically interested in projects to be developed collaboratively, not only during the two-week workshop, but also over the course of the spring and summer leading up to the summer course. The workshop consisted of a series of one-on-one meetings between Steven Kazuo Takasugi and participants, small group meetings between participants and Mocrep performers, and rehearsal time, and culminated in a presentation of all of the work developed over the course of the workshop.

Workshop participants: Jenna Lyle, Shawn Lucas, Hang Su, Marcela Lucatelli, Andy Ingamells, Sivan Cohen-Elias, Megan Grace Beugger-Roessler, Ma'ayan Tsadka