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Mocrep is thrilled to be working together with Mana Contemporary Chicagoto curate and present an evening of unusual, multidisciplinary performance. The event is open to Chicago-based artists who would like to present ten-to fifteen-minute works (or excerpts) in any performance discipline, with an emphasis on new projects.

Following the presentations, Mana Contemporary will provide a community dinner for participants and guests. This is an opportunity to grow your community, present untested work in an open setting, and mingle with other artists. We'd love to meet you, support you, and see your new work!

The event will occur in February/March 2019. To submit a proposal, please send a 3–5 sentence idea and at least two work samples or a link to your website to by December 15th. Any questions can be directed to the same email.

We're looking forward to seeing what you have cookin'!