2018-19 Season

drrrrrrrrruummmmmmmmmmmm rooooooooollllllllllllllllllllll


We are continuing to explore the wild possibilities of group artmaking, collaboration and discipline. We have a brand new space, which we hope you'll come visit in the near future (stay tuned). We love our friends and we want to make more, so come out and bring your friends along! Here are some dates to save:

OCTOBER 12: A meditation, a diagnostic exam, a soundscape: Stereo Test Program No. 3 is a brand new piece with Chicago-based sound and performance maker Lee Blalock

NOVEMBER 5: Mocrep presents a tiny Film Festival at the Nightingale, featuring the premiere of A Square is Not a Bee, a made-for-TV movie created with Natacha Diels.

JANUARY 17-26: We'll premiere Tedium and Other Sensations as part of the Chicago International Puppet Theatre Festival, alongside our deep art crushes, the Neofuturists. Neofuturist Dan Kerr-Hobert will present a new version of Mickel Maher's Tedium in the other half of the program.

APRIL 18: We're collaborating with the Civic Orchestra of Chicago all year in a series of workshops, bringing them into our practice and developing new work with them. We'll premiere this work at Symphony Center!

SOMETIME NEXT SPRING: We're releasing an album on Parlour Tapes+ . It's damn fun.

Throughout the season we add fun little performance snacks: DIY shows, small collaborations, the occasional appearance at a high profile party or on late late late night TV. You never know. Stay tuned.